West Malvern WI (teas)
We provide teas/coffees and home made cakes, including gluten and nut free options.




Old Granary Pierogi
Baked pierogi – handcrafted yeast dough cases filled with 8 meaty and vegetarian home cooked gourmet fillings, such as Bacon, Spinach, Potato & Smoked Cheese, Spinach, Pear, Shallots and Stilton, Spanish Chicken, Chorizo & Chickpeas or Herefordshire Beefsteak, Porcini, red Onion & Marsala. Some of them are available as gluten-free. We serve them with our signature house slaw and dips.

Churchfields Farmhouse Ice cream
Our award-winning ice cream is the perfect balance of all the “nesses”; freshness, lightness, and creaminess! With its carefully judged mix of milk and double cream, Churchfields has a denser more rounded texture. It is deliciously creamy, without being rich or cloying. We only ever use milk from our herd of pedigree cows, and combine this with local cream and the very best flavourings and ingredients. We do not use preservatives or artificial colours. Most of our ice cream is gluten free. We never tire of our favourites, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, but we do get a real kick out of discovering new flavours, and creating our own twist on the classics.

Josephine’s Little Tart Shop




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Dr Eamers’ Emporium
The Burger Van